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In the today online market place a 3D visual configurator is a must have!

The boundaries between offline and online are fading. Today’s consumers expect a seamless and highly personalized shopping experience. At home on their laptop, on the go with their mobile devices and in physical shops with instore technologies, all around personalization and visualization.

Letting consumers configure and see the actual appearance of the finished product in every possible combination and angle, creates an online “in-store” shopping experience that is critical in making a purchase decision.

TailorMate3D especially designed for all kinds of apparel and fashion products like shirts, suits, bags, shoes, sportswear, workwear, formalwear and textiles. With full 360 spin, zoom into every little detail, pan across the image to get a fuller view, you can almost "touch and feel" the texture online.

Interested to experience Tailormate3D, click the image below!

Interested to learn and experience more about our 3D Services and InstaVU3D real-time 3D Technology, please feel free to contact us!

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